Meghna Bhatia
International Media Concessionaire


What are the S.E.L.L. points of my Professional Life

As a media concessionaire, I have seen, experienced, lived and loved my profession over the last 25 years. Let's call it as SELL: Seen, ExperiencedLived, Loved. I start by seeing what's happening in the industry. I have Experienced all the components of media selling. I have been able to survive and hence lived my life in media. Finally, I love what I do and am very passionate about my work.

To see the industry grow, I have been able to experience the ups and downs of the media industry. To be able to live through three decades is an achievement. And I am also proud of it. To be able to love your work, be deeply passionate, is ecstasy! 

To “Sell” media space and time, has been a Junoon for me. To be able to first identify the who’s who of the industry is the starting. To be able to see people is an important success factor.


Then you build your systems and processes. They take care of lead generation, marketing, booking systems, publishing of the advertisement, billing and finally payment. The entire office was run on these well-orchestrated processes. They were robust, secure and great to monitor. 

“Stable Systems, Engrained in powerful Processes, become the Essence of Media business outcome.”

Once you've made the marketing process rolling, the initial pain is evident; it's time to execute it. Indulge in how to make the experience better. Here, I had flawless and impeccable communications systems, and ever being available for any query. To be able to meet personally, it was a delight to meet the who's who of the advertising fraternity. 

To understand the right issue, think and suggest various strategies, is called value addition. With so many innovations done, buying media through me became an awesome experience for most of the media professionals.

To be able to live through the various negotiations, refusals and acceptance grind, I could keep my head held high always.

Being an entrepreneur, I am today so proud of my profession. I love the vibrant energy and positive environment. It keeps me busy, and hence, I love what I do. 

The journey continues. It challenges me! My strength increases even more. 

Introducing Meghna, The Media Concessionaire

We help newspapers and media publishing houses –national and international to get all brands to be associated with them for their target market. Clients like FMCG-LG, Samsung, Automobiles like Renault, Nissan, Audi, Hyundai, Maruti, Education like Amity, LPU.
Since these publication houses are outside Delhi-NCR, it is difficult for them to be connected day in and out. We not only give efficient service to these clients and agencies but also educate them on all options.
We have helped a group of Kashmir with 4 newspapers and 2 magazines to be associated with all major brands over 19 years.
Moreover, their business has grown from thousands to crores.

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

These four benefits are significant reasons to sign up! With years of experience, dedication and hard work, I have achieved this milestone. With my proven processes, approaches and commitment, these benefits are here for you.

Benefit 1: Knowing Who's Who

THE WHO’ S WHO MATTERS, WHEN YOU DON’T KNOW, WHO IS TAKING OR FAKING THE DECISION PROCESS. Knowing the media planners, to buyers, and understanding their needs is an asset. Key advertisers know and meet to understand the right media mix for them.

Benefit 2: Our Processes and Systems

Robust processes built over the years, help us to bring seamless, faultless and dynamic sustainable environment. This environment can sustain and turn all operations into delight. Our internal customised processes ensure that there is no human error and information is shared internally in a confidential environment.

Benefit 3: Innovations, PR, Strategies

Any media professionals can attempt all of the above two. However, bringing innovations, new ideas and creating new strategies, is a landmark add on. Not only for the media house but the clients and their advertising agencies, these ideas bring that extra fresh air!

Benefit 4: Payment and no bad debts

To ensure smooth payments and seamless processing is always a herculean task. However, to first check whether the advertiser has sound payment capability, then take up his campaign, is an art and a science. Then to be able to get timely payments is a great skill also.

Here’s what people are saying about Meghna 

Wouldn't you like to know more about Meghna? Here are some of the media professionals giving their own words about her. They mention all the huge benefits they have accrued over the years of association. They give out great testimonials and reveal the secrets to how Meghna is the leader in this industry.